Vedanta Mission Online Courses on Gita and Tattva Bodha

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The online courses offered by the Vedanta Mission may be useful for
those who
want to get a good background on Advaita Vedanta Philosophy.  The
follows the Gurukula spirit and will not charge any fee for
enrollment. But
'Gurudakshna' is also the tradition and should be respected by the
who take such courses. It is nice to see the adoption of this ancient
of free education to the students who want to enhance their knowledge.
students who enroll in such systems have the responsibility to repay
teacher within their means.


Ram Chandran

 Vedanta Mission Online Courses on Gita and Tattva Bodha
 Teacher: H.H. Swami AtmanandaVM Online Courses

Announcement by Vedanta Mission:

The times have changed. Technology has made the world so small. While
in our Ashram here in India we are interacting with so many people all
the world. Through this section we
plan to turn the world into a big class room, where anyone at any
place & time
can access some fundamental lessons on Vedanta and get insights into
great, ancient & redeeming wisdom of India.

Two Courses available :

At present we are presenting two Lessons Courses.
 1. Bhagwad Gita Course(click)
 2. Tattva Bodha Course. (click)

There are four parts in each of these courses. Each part will have ten
lessons. At the end of every lesson we have some questions. The first
of the first part of both the courses will be freely available to
but second lesson onward will be available only to those who have
satisfactorily answered the questions of the earlier lessons. Once we
the answers and
are satisfied with the understanding of the student, then a password
accessing the subsequent lesson will be e-mailed to the person
We want only the serious & sincere ones to
access subsequent lessons, because they alone will benefit properly.

1. Bhagwad Gita Lesson Course :

Gita needs no introduction. In brief we can say that whoever has not
Srimad Bhagwad Gita has missed something great in life. It is a
must-read for
anyone who wants to understand life fully
& live it thoroughly. It is the essence of entire Vedic vision, and
all sectarian thoughts. It reveals the timeless truths of life, and
reveals a way to live a full & holistic life, wherein we
give justice to not only what is worldly but also that which is
beyond. Click
on `details' to see the subject matter of the various Parts & Lessons
of this
special Course written for you all by Poojya
Guruji. Details.

2. Tattva Bodha Lesson Course :

Tattva Bodha is a small introductory text book of Vedanta philosophy.
introduces to us the fundamentals of the philosophy of Vedanta. The
means: `Knowledge of Truth'. The text is
supposed to be written by Sri Adi Sankara, and is indeed a stepping
stone to
enter the divine portals of Vedanta. Please click on `details' for
getting a
birds eye view of each Part & Lesson of the course.

3. Cost of the Course :

We follow the spirit of Gurukula type of education in all our Courses
Classes. In this system, the student is given free education, but as &
when he
finishes a particular Part of the Course
he is asked to donate any amount to the Trust as per his capacity &
disposition. This amount is paid to the Trust account which manages
activities. Please click on the Support link (side
column), also see the Q&A's on the Mission Index Page for further
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