Tat tvam asi?

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 15 22:47:48 CST 2002

Hari Om !!

> Yes, I too feel Sri Himanshu is a learned person.
> Interaction
> with learned people, even on basic teachings is a
> fruitful
> exercise. Is this not one of the purpose of such
> lists ?

Thank you for taking my comments with open mind. I
only wanted to caution you so that we do not hurt the
other person, by our wront estimate of others. (I too
would do such mistakes). Also, we may get more from
teh other person, if we recognise their true worth.
That is what I meant. But, you/I should continue to
ask fearlessly, until all doubts are cleared.

> >Coming to your interpretation, I believe it is
> flawed.
> >There are no THREE entities.
> >
> >Yes, there is MIND and Purusha (SELF). What you
> refer
> >to as Prakriti is MIND itself.
> >
> >Mind IS Maya.
> >
> >Thoughts are not different from MIND. Thoughts make
> up
> >the MIND. If there are no thoughts, there is no
> >
> Let us look at this again:
> You say, there is the Self and thoughts. Mind and
> thoughts are synonymous, I am OK with that. It is
> just
> a matter of name.
> But, no prakRti is not clear. For, who then would
> manage
> the thoughts ? Say I witness the thought of myself
> touching a hot stove.
> This needs to be followed by I witnessing a thought
> where in my body in pain. Whatever be the process by
> which this ordering of thoughts is managed, let us
> call it
> prakRti.

That is what I said, "Please do not go on calling
'things' by whatever name you want'. They are all
already well defined. If you create new definitions,
all the books will be of no use to you, because they
are not written as per your definitions".

Prakriti which is nothing but Maya and MIND of the
individual, functions with its different aspects. With
the support of Consciousness (superimposing the
Consciousness on itself) the MIND (Antahkarana) acts
as 'I'. This expression of MIND is called 'Ahamkara'.
So, MIND is nothing but Ahamkara. The same Ahamkara
functions as 'Abhimani' with 'Mine-ness'. As
'Ahamkara' itself is a mode or Vritti of MIND-STUFF,
and insentient, it needs the illuminating piwer of

It is the Jiva (you/I) who is cognising the modes of
the mind by arrogating the mind vrittis to ourselves.
The Ahamkara gets reinforced, and goes on the cycle of
buildingup its 'I-ness'. When ignored, it stops
working so the essential nature of Jiva is realised.
by the 'Jiva'.

There is no third entity in this, (except the
paramatma. Jivatma and Paramatma are one. I personally
need some more understanding in this part. So, I can
not say much.)

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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