Tat tvam asi?

Ravisankar Mayavaram miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 11 19:01:26 CST 2002

Dear SVS:

Without going into details of your question, I would briefly state my
understanding. I may be wrong.

- neti neti method is not so linear and purely logical as people tend to

- it has to be experienced and understood at each step before you go to the
next step. A kid cannot jump from l.k.g to Ph.D.

- let me explain. When you say "I am not my body". It seems so trivial and
easy to understand. But it is not. If one truly understands that he is not
a body. Then he will live according to the dharma as dictated by shaastra-s
and not loaf around doing jobs or study whatever pleases him, and pleasures
his body. Bodily comfort and convenience would not matter - one would get
up at 4:00am and do nitya karma-s.  One will not crave for life or for
death. Understanding should be reflected in action. There cannot be a gap
between them.

- Then you go to the next step. Honestly, I have not even come to step 1 -
I can only look at what might happen from step 0 when I at step 1. So I
would not flatter myself by speculating about what happens when I negate my
buddhi. But I have faith that if I proceed and succeed at each step - it
will lead to what our aacharya-s say.

My 2c.


BTW for the previous discussion on requirement of sannyaasa for nivRtti
dharma - besides intro to verse 2 of iishha upanishad bhaashhya - also look
it the commentary of verse 2, verse 8 and verse 18.

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