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> Namaste Swaminarayan,
> Sorry to be so long replying to this; I wanted to
> type
> in the verses from the Triprura Rahasya which you
> will
> find below but I have been distracted by visiting
> two
> friends whose bodies are dying.
> Later I will post something on these events as it is
> very interesting watching the process in the light
> of
> our discussion on the manas, buddhi and chitta etc.
> One of these is a monk and the other a retired
> architect.
Dear Kenji,

surely, by such events, one  learns to associate as
well as dissociate oneself with this material
world.How can we indeed dispute the very things that
manifest in front of our eyes and which create
impressions in our minds(loosely used term 'mind'by
me)?------Shall respond  more on seeing your further
posts on the same by you .

> More and more I am being drawn to study Gaudapada's
> Karika more thoroughly so please let me know of your
> insights.
> If there is no difference in the subtle expression
> of
> the two terms why not stay with one?  This is my
> question here for I believe the sages were always
> precise in their language.  This is the study to
> come.
If Gaudapada, a great Acharya,has used the terms
Chitta and Manas seperately in his renderings in
Sanskrit language,there has to be a subtle difference
in the expression of the two terms and that is what ,
in my opinion , is to be understood in order to imbibe
the teachings of the great Acharya.

Thank you for your posting of the relevent verses from
Chapter 14 of Tripura rahasya. Indeed they are
enlightening and will be useful in understanding the
nuances of the 'mind'.Shall write more after trying to
digest what you have sent so far.

Hari Om!

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