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AUM haardasaMtamasaapahaayai namo namaH

Salutations to HER who dispels the great darkness of ignorance  (that veils
Atmaan)  in the heart.

(I will post the shankara bhaashhyam and a close translation later).
Following is based on the shankara bhaashhyam.

- What is haarda?

haarda  indicates pertaining to heart or particularized in it.  (hR^idaya-
avachchhinaH haardaH).  When we speak of heart, we normally do not speak of
the physical heart. But it indicates the spiritual heart in the suuxma

- What is the great darkness?

saMatamas means great darkness or ignorance.  shankara quotes the shruti
statement "tama aasit" in this regard.  This space of darkness is known as

- What does this conceal?

It conceals  HER. The indweller and witness of all -- brahman/aatman.
Shankara quotes "yo veda nihitam guhaayam".  SHE is there seated in the
cave of the heart and is celebrated as daharaakaasha ruupiNi.

-What does SHE do?

When meditated upon, SHE dispels the darkness and reveals HERSELF. That is
why SHE is called the dispeller or remover  of this darkness.

-How does this happen?

Typically, by conditioning of this darkness. One thinks "I am a
samsaari", "I am bound", "there is no brahman"  and "it does not shine" and
so on.  The only thing that contradicts this darkness of ignorance is the
light of knowledge.  SHE as jnAna svaruupiNi - guides the devotee through a
guru to meditate upon  mahaa-vaakya-s such as "I am brahman"  - my laxaNa
is sat-chit-aananda, etc. and dispels this ignorance. This leads to
understanding that there is no plularity (neha naanaa) and realize brahman.

This process is very nicely explained in the first paragraph of sanat
sujaatiiya bhaashhyam - which beautifully summarizes the essence of vedAnta.

Original text:


ambaaL daasan


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