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On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, V. Chandrasekaran wrote:

> In the snake-rope example, snake completely vanishes in the eyes once
> we see in light. This example is chosen to explain that world vanishes
> when knowledge dawns.

If the world vanished literally then there could be no Advaita Vedanta
because at the dawn of jnana, all the jivanmuktas would vanish to the
"other side."

Imagine if you will, the person who has seen the snake and recognized it
to really be a rope oes back to bed and tells his wife, "If you get up and
stumble over something in the dark, don't worry, it is not really a snake,
just a rope."

The jivanmukta can switch between snake and rope.  The difference between
him and an ordinary person is that he is mukta ("free") to make that
choice for himself.

The Brahmasutrabhashya mentions certain "adhikarika purushas" (sorry I
don't have the exact reference at hand.) like Vyas Maharshi who despite
being fully liberated remain in these worlds for various divine purposes
such as teaching Advaita Vedanta.

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