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Sending the Mail again, since it bounced twice !

I got learn that the Book "DEIVATTHIN KURAL" is also printed in English
as "HINDU DHARMA" by Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan.

Can you please suggest, where to buy this Book or contact details to get
this by VPP. I am staying in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

What would be the approximate cost of the book (English - Hindu Dharma).

regards - Sarin Rajesh

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>I am Vijay Suresh Naik, a Maharashtriya Bharatiya (of Kannada Origin)
>Deshastha Vaishnav Brahmin Hindu by birth=2E My ancesters followed Shri
>Ramanujacharya, however, I don't know much about him and his preachings=2E=

Usually the naiks (or nAyakAs) owing allegiance to Ramanujacharya
invariably tend to be either of the two following origins

1=2E) Thanjavur(Tanjore) Maratha-s (they were the rulers of that region)

2=2E) Thirumala Nayaka-s (they were the chieftains of the Vijayanagar Empi=

Most of them settled at that time in South India=2E

You can find a list similar to this at=20


Malolan Cadambi

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