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Dear Vidyashankarji,

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> Then again, modern genetic engineering methods might
> well succeed in
> creating a hare that grows horns, but that is
> ultimately only a
> demonstration of the creative powers of the human
> imagination. And yes, this
> is ultimately rooted in avidyA.

This is an extremely interesting observation made by
you. This is somewhat in line with my earlier
observation on the list that Gods and demons were able
to assume various forms limited only by their
imaginative faculties.

A scientist was charged me and said, "Look now we can
create the type of human being we want and maybe the
day is not far away when we can even create life. So
where than is the need for a God? Who can say now that
it is only God that can create life and control

I was indeed dumbfounded with this audacious
statement. But a learned Professor who was with us
replied, " God resides within all of us. It is He who
is dwelling within you too and giving you the
knowledge required to do what you selfishly claim as
your own. So be humble, surrender to the God within,
and pray to him that you do good to the world with
your experiments and not create monsters or people
with severe genetic disorders".

Needless to say the scientist was very annoyed, but he
could not reply either.

So you see Vidyashankarji, the statement of the
scientist was indeed rooted in avidya, but if he
really follows the advice given to him would his
further actions be said to stem from vidya?


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