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> Dear Friends,
> Here is something from Ramprasad, a poet saint from
> Bengal. He describes how we can constantly contemplate
> on God even while doing our daily chores;

A while back I was reading a book about feminine aspects of divinity in
Hinduism or some such and one of the articles in that book was about
Ramprasad (Sen?) and his poetry.  According to the article he was an
influential figure in the development of Bengali literature but nowadays
he is considered somewhat old-fashioned and is not that popular.  Is this
true?  Anyway, he was ardent bhakta of Kali Ma and there were some
translations of his poems which were absolutely terrific. The book was
otherwise too expensive compared to its' worth but I felt like buying it
for those translations alone.  Jagannath, if you or some other
knowledgeable person could post some more of his poems, especially the
ones that clearly bring out Advaita bhava like the one above, I'm sure the
list members would find it very interesting.

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