The end of Buddhism in India

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 2 08:33:28 CST 2002


I suggest we go back to basics.


Dharma is eternal, and not governed by names of places such as Bharata,
Kuru, Panchala, Hind, India etc. Even the word religion is inaccurate. In
future countries like Kambodia may rediscover their dharma, or new countries
may take up dharma.


Agreed that early brain drain to Buddhism was a distraction for dharma and
caused major damage by weakening our military defenses. Sankara and others
did not ignore dharma vs buddhism as a phony dualism :-) Instead they did
something about it. In any case Buddhism uses the word dhamma at least on
paper and they were willing to discuss, accepted our challenges and lost. It
is a moot point whether Buddhism is part of Hinduism (itself an inaccurate

Buddhism was yesterday's battle, but East-West duality is today's battle and
it is for real. In fact the entry of intolerant faith into India which
caused enormous damage, was actually a karma effect from earlier Buddhism
due to weakening of defenses. It is now an unfinished business of Sankara.
Physical damage from middle-eastern faiths, and public relation damage from
linguists of western faiths and more importantly distraction from dharma by
material culture have also taken their toll.

I admit that jnana is more important than karma. Our understanding of the
situation with East-West duality is more important than doing something
about it.

Look at it another way, any constitution of a democratic country is dharma
of some sort. So American constitution is American dharma, British
constitution is British dharma etc. Any science is shaastra.

There are dharmic people all around the world, not just in India, which is
the reason the world is still standing on its legs. These people must be
made to know the sanatana dharma. They need not convert to Hinduism, but
they must adopt the principles of dharma. This is the way to get rid of
east-west duality.

Best regards

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