Consciousness during coma,death

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> To pose my doubt in a single sentence,
>     How should I convince myself that once I die, there won't be the same
> void that
>     I experience during coma?
Realisation as much as the death of the body is the end of you. By "you" I
mean the ever fearful, ever searching, ever striving ego/mind which blunders
uncertainly on in a state of perpetual existential crisis.This is the
unpalatable truth that all of us ordinary mortals have to learn to confront.
The opportunity that this lifetime presents is to cease to identify with the
ego/mind or the body and  to wake up to our true nature which is Brahman, a
consciousness which is non-dual and timeless and to which the state of the
body is irrelevant.The jivanmukhta is never unconscious in the sense of deep
sleep, coma or death. Of course, his consciousness of the world is not the
same as ours either.

Hari Om

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