On don't cares and braHmajnAna (Was: Re: brahmavid=Krishna)

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 31 15:26:19 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

> As  you think great about your programming logic, so
> also remember that in Electronics there is a 'Don't
> care condition' which means 'Yes or No' and 'Yes and
> no'.

In saying "As you think...", there is an assumption
you are making that "I think..." Come out of this rut
of assumptions, my friend! Free yourself of this! I
don't "think great about" "my" programming logic. I
just used that language since repeated appeals to ask
the question of ABILITY were buried in your brains
because you have been assuming that ABILITY all along.


Obviously, I assume that you think that way. Because you are ASSUMING that
your If - Then is infalliable and every answer should stick to the only
structure known to you. "Come out of this rut
of assumptions, my friend! Free yourself of this! "

Several people have pointed out, that such a binary situation is not the
only solution. It is not the only 'necessary and sufficient' condition of a
test for a Brahmavid. Someone proposed "Silence" can be an answer. But, you
rejected because it does not fit into your One and only One (Yes, No)
model. Why do you want to force everybody into your 'If - Then' assumption,
and still hear an answer which suits you. Looks like you can not face a
fact of the new realm.

If a child needs to know differentials, he should necessarily know the
throry of limits. So, if you are seriously desirous of knowing the true
answer, you should "Come out of this rut
of assumptions, my friend! Free yourself of this!".

Learn the terminology of programming structures which are multivariate and
not just two-state (that are appealing to your present limited mind). Leave
aside 'our assuming that ABILITY'; because our assumption of ABILITY is not
conditioned by a 200m dash. There are better things in our assumption i.e
coming out of this delusion  and limitation, fear of birth and death,
sorrow and mystry of mundane life, the oneness and intelligence behind this
creation. These are hall marks of Brahmavid, not making 'a body' run a 200
m dash, which a dog or  a cat can do with its upadhi. At least do you see
now why what others are making you see. !!!!


Your mention of "Yes or No" and "Yes and No" supports
my argument and not yours. (By the way, in tennis this
is called an unforced error:-)


I have no argument to support. If you leave your limited 'If - Then'
construct, you will also come out of an 'argument' and will become an open
minded seeker.

Your long interpretation of 'Don't care' is not correct ( I ASSUME !!)

Don't care  means simply, out come of the test does not depend on its
possible input states (no 0.5 V; by the way every state is not 0V or 1 V.
First of all who is measuring tension, volts here ???? See how you are
trapped in your ASSUMPTIONS !!). Similarly, whether  a man can run 200 m
dash in two seconds or not or he refuses to run, you can not establish
One's Brahmanhood. Your 'If-Then' construct does not have the ABILITY to
portray this logic. Don't care, anyway !!

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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