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Namaste Kiran

You definition of a jivanmukta sounds like an impossibility. Do you have any
examples of such a person in our tradition? And do you have a Vedanta
teacher, my friend?


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> > A jIvanmuktha is said to not do anything out of
> > samkalpa.
> > If his body does something it is due to praarabdha
> > and
> > internally he doesn't feel limited due to his body's
> >
> > limtations since he is devoid of desires and
> > samkalpas.
> > So even if his body doesn't perform any feats, as a
> > mundane
> > person would eagerly expect, it doesn't an iota
> > change
> > the status of the realised. I am sure other people
> > have
> > stressed upon this point.
> >
> Please note that the question is not if his body
> "does" not perform any feats. The question is, "can"
> his body perform "any" feat?
> Internally, he may feel anything. But externally, can
> he do "any" thing? Internally, one can feel like the
> Prime Minister. But only an external test can prove if
> he really is.
> Consider this: I may be devoid of the desire of eating
> grapes just because I can't jump high enough. I might
> even call the grapes sour. I might even say that there
> ain't no such thing called as grapes. I might kill the
> go-get-grapes samkalpa. But the fact remains that I
> cannot jump high enough.
> And now consider this: I may be devoid of the desire
> of eating grapes even with the presence of the
> capability of jumping high enough. Then I might say
> that there ain't no such thing called as grapes. If
> someone asks me to go-get the grapes, I must be able
> to modify whatever it takes in my body to jump high
> enough, jump high enough and get the grapes.
> From the absence of samkalpa, capability of performing
> the act cannot be inferred. And given the absense in
> anybody of the wildest capability one can think of,
> there remains a duality between him and whatever it is
> that prevents him from possessing that capability.
> Dhanyavaad
> Kiran
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