Etymology Discussion (cont)

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 23 13:01:45 CDT 2002

Namaste Kenji,

I am posting this message from the adavitin list, as it
is related to the etymology discussion.


Namaste Kenji,

The following part of Sunderji's post combined
with your remark on the meaning of A, seems to bring
out the meaning of Atma.

--- In advaitin at y..., "sunderh" <sunderh at y...> wrote:
> that 'tman' [originally denoting 'that'(t) 'me'(ma)]may have come
> signify one's own proper self or essence...............

Continuing the exercise initiated on the advaita-l list:

t denotes that, seems very reasonable to assume this.
(or may be this needs more explanation)

m denotes (limited) Purusha, (when m becomes more and more
subtle, it becomes a deep humming sound and finally
silence - then it denotes the Shiva tattva).

hence tma is that (limited) me.

>From your earlier posting
> The 'long' 'A' at the beginning, by itself would mean
> near or near to as a prefix.

Atma thus is "near that me". Atma that means "that limited
me". Probably that is why we need teachings like:
Atma = brahma, to remove the assumed limitation.

Regarding praNa, do you think the following may be related:
pra (original) aNu (jIva), praNa thus will refer to that
which is the very essence of a Jiva.

Best regards

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