Summary (of "Question", "braHmavid=Krishna?" series of mails)

Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 23 00:36:09 CDT 2002

--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Kiran B R wrote:
> > The Advaitin says "No, you're not forgetting
> anything,
> > it is all thy ***Self***!"
> > To which I say, "That's really cool! Since it is
> all
> > my Self, can ***I*** turn these trivial things
> around so
> > that water freezes when I boil it? Can I?"
> >
> Ah but who said the 'Self' talked about by Advaitins
> is the same as the
> person 'Kiran Rao'?
> In fact 'Kiran Rao' is only a subset of that Self.
> 'Jaldhar Vyas' is
> another subset but it doesn't follow that I am the
> same subset.  And it
> also doesn't follow that a subset has all the
> properties of the whole.

Kiran Rao is what he sees himself as. Jaldhar Vyas is
what he sees himself as. Why should anyone see himself
as the subset? Why not as the superset? When a grain
of salt has entered the ocean, where are subsets?
Where are the fences? And what stops the superset (the
ocean) from creating a maayaa (like it is said in the
TaittIrIyOpanishad, "sO&kAmayata | bahu syAm
prajAyEyEti | sa tapOtapyata | sa tapastaptvA | idag.m
sarvamasR.jata | yadidam kim cha |") based on NEW LAWS
and placing Kiran Rao in it, so that Kiran Rao can
happily freeze his water by heating, in the presence
Jaldhar Vyas?

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