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On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Roger Floyd wrote:

> The conflict of world-views that I referred to in respect of Kiran's
> questions arises out of  the refusal of  Science a priori to countenance
> miracles. Its explanations must, as a matter of principle, exclude the
> miraculous. By a miracle I mean the intervention  of a divine hand (or indeed
> any kind of supernatural hand) in ordering the world.

It seems to me as Advaitins we should not accept 'miracles' either.  The
concept of a miracle makes sense if there is a creator who is outside the
system who can manipulate its' parameters.  But we believe that Brahman
pervades all we know and see.  Brahman is more than the universe but there
is no part of the universe which is not Brahman.  So already all natural
events are explained by Brahman and there is no need for a seperate class
of "miracles."  Or alternatively you can think of it as everything is a

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