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Hari Om !!

Sri Jagannath:

If you are considering such thoughts, now is a good
time, as Sravana Purnima is just a day/two away, and
all/many  Dwijas change their Yajnopavitam on this

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- Vaidya Sundaram <vaidya_sundaram at HOTMAIL.COM>
> Namaskaram.
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> From: "Jagannath Chatterjee" <jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM>
> > What is the janeyu besides serving as a mark for
> the twice born? What
> other
> > purpose does it serve ?. Is it a must for every
> twice born to wear it?
> What
> > is the prayaschitta for one not wearing it?
>  The yagnyopavitam is for "srauta smarta vihita
> nitya karma anushtAna
> yogyada siddhyartam" - that is to get the permission
> and authority to
> perform the karmas that are enjoined on grhastas by
> both the sruti and the
> smriti ... as per my understanding, the word
> yagnyopavitam by itself means
> "accessory to the performance of yagnyas" .
>  I don't know of any specific prAyaschittam for not
> wearing it when one is
> expected to etc - but look at it this way - one only
> has to look at the
> present accounting scandals in the corporate world
> to know that when someone
> is in a position that has some associated "duties"
> and "responsibilities" in
> the diligent discharge of those duties, and the
> person is delinquent in the
> performance of those duties, there are consequences
> (and perhaps associated
> punishments) and atonements for the same. So also
> with dvijatva - in the
> series of births and deaths that the jiva undergoes,
> one has been born a
> human and this is not a "right" (as in fundamental
> rights accorded by the
> constitution etc.!), but a **privilige**. Perhaps
> this privilige is also
> "earned" thru the due performance of duties in
> previous lives as well, but
> more than that, it is the Grace of ishwara that one
> is born a dvija - please
> refer the first few verses of the vivekachUdAmani
> for Shri Shankara's views
> on the hierarchy - so, not doing an enjoined duty
> does have consequences.
> The simplest atonement I can think of is to just
> start doing what is
> expected and hope that the associated bad karma of
> not doing (in the past in
> this and previous lives) is still sanchita or agama
> and not prarabda karma,
> and can hence be washed away by His Grace!
> bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
> Vaidya.

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