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--- Swaminarayan T <tvswaminarayan at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> It is the cornerstone of my belief in Advaita. I
> would
> ask him if I could meet him. Surely. It might seem
> silly to you, but it's a perfectly sane and valid
> question to me.
> Kiran is absolutely right and his question is most
> certainly VALID.
> Shankaracharya has come down to earth and is in
> front of Kiran right now and this is what He tells
> Kiran:
> Dear Kiran, what would you really achieve by running
> 100 metres in 2 seconds? Or for that matter,  if you
> are able to do all those seemingly impossible things
> of achieving in this world? What is your aim in your
> present life? To be a racer who can run Miles in
> seconds? Or to learn more of Advaita? Granting that
> you have been made to run 100 metres in 2 seconds
> and have also been given the capability of doing
> anything that you wish to do in this world that
> nobody can even imagine,then, ------then------ What?

Exactly that which Krishna was doing with those

> How will this help you to believe in ADVAITA ?

Where there is incapability (whether spiritual or
material), there is ajnaana. Who said so? I don't
know, but I definitely think so.

And who said material incapability is ajnaana? I don't
know. But I definitely think so.

If Advaita cannot show me that I have such powers too,
my belief in it will disintegrate. Why? Even after
reaching the ultimate state that can be reached by
following Advaita, if in the material world (maayaa)
my powers are limited, there remains an incapability.

It is stupid to fool ourselves into thinking that the
presence of material capability is possible only with
ajnaana. No, a jnani must have material capabilities.
Sri Shankaracharya MUST be able to run 100m in 2s.
Otherwise there remains an incapability in him. Sri
Shankaracharya must be able to make ice by heating
water. Otherwise there remains an incapability in him.

...and of course this applies to Krishna. And to all
of us.

> Do you not agree that  In achieving all this you
> will be deep in Dwaita ? !!

I do not agree! My friend, ask yourself if Krishna was
deep in Dwaita. If he was, I want to be deep in

Having these powers is proof NEITHER for the presence
NOR for the absence of dualism in the seeker.

However, NOT having these powers is proof for the
presence of dualism in the seeker.

Do I make sense?


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