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Sat Aug 17 04:06:03 CDT 2002

Dear Jagannath/Srikrishna,

Thanks for all the patient explanations.

> Won't it
> be real silly if I
> asked Sri Sankaracharya to run the 100m?

To me, no.

It is the cornerstone of my belief in Advaita. I would
ask him if I could meet him. Surely. It might seem
silly to you, but it's a perfectly sane and valid
question to me.

I cannot place anyone or anything as my ideal if I see
any incapability in him or her or it, even if he or
she or it has (or "is") all the rest. Of course, this
holds for Sri Shankaracharya also. If he cannot run
100m in 2s himself and also teach me how to do so
(forgive me for this seemingly stupid thing), he
cannot give me what I want.

To me, capability is braHman. To me, capability is
Krishna. To me, capability is Shiva. To me, capability
is God. When I say capability, it includes infinite
capability in this very material world, irrespective
of it being only a maayaa.

(And now please don't assume that I'm ready to do
Dharma-baahira things to get that capability, or that
my braHman or Krishna or Shiva or God lacks [or "is"
not]any of the other usual stuff)

I am not a gRihastha, by the way.

I like the answer of Srikrishna that the way is Tapas
on Narayana.

Please forgive me if I have offended anybody on the


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