Tenets of Samkhya

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A small section on Samkhya in the Advaita-Vedanta homepage will be very


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> >It is somewhat like this, the sparks of the fire are
> >numerous but not totally different from the fire.
> >Purushas, as referred to here, are the sparks. The
> >fire is Ishvara.
> This is Upanishadic teaching and therefore part of the
> Vedantic schools of
> thinking. The Yoga school does not discuss Ishvara in this way, and
> considers Ishvara not as a collective Purusha, but as a
> special Purusha, who
> remains unaffected (aparaamR^iShTa) by any faults (klesha-s),
> who is ever
> omniscient (niratishayaM sarvaGYa bIjaM) and who is the guru
> of Yogin-s in
> the past.
> Vidyasankar

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