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Hari Om !!

> --- Kiran B R <kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM> wrote:
> > It is clear to me that through the destruction of
> > avidyA it is possible for a braHmavid to attain
> the
> > braHman to whom satya, jnana and anatatva are
> > attributed.

Satyam, Jnana, Atnata are not attributes for Brahman.
Satyam is Brahman; Jnanam is Brahman; Anantam is

>However, it is not clear to me if the
> > braHmavid can do anything wonderful in this
> material
> > world at all. I mean, do his powers in the
> material
> > world remain as limited as they were before the
> > removal of the veil of avidyA?

Per Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's talks, Ashta Siddhis
are different from Jnana, and are easier to achieve.

As long as one is in the process of acquiring Siddhis,
one is in the material world. Such mere Siddhas do not
have Jnana (oneness with ALL). However, a Jnani might
have passed through the stage of 'Siddhis' in which
case he MAY choose to display such 'magics' in 'dual'
world. But, a Jnani may not have acquired Ashta
Siddhis, because it was not his aim.

(I can be a Doctor, without being a Cardiologist,
right ?)

>If the braHmavid
> was
> > an
> > athlete and he could complete 100m in 10s in a
> state
> > of avidyA, can he do it in, let's say 2s when the
> > avidyA is removed?
> >

If it not 'displaying' such such super-human powers,
what do you think of the immesurable spiritual
transformation that is brought about by Bhagavan
Ramana or Mata Amritanandamayi or many other saints of
our tradition ? Just, stop specifics of your 100m dash
and think openly, and you will feel the 'wonder' in
this material world they are bringing about.

> > If the entire universe is the maayaa of the
> braHman,
> > it is clear that the braHmavid has the entire
> maayaa
> > in his command.

This should be interpreted that 'mAyA' does not touch
the 'Jnani', and cause happiness and sorrow based on
external objects.

>The entire universe is a game he
> > plays, and he is free to choose the laws that
> govern
> > this game. If he chooses, he can see to it that
> when
> > we wake up tomorrow, water when heated actually
> > turns
> > into ice - and this, for everybody in the world we
> > know.
> >

Yes, the Law is already chosen. Rather you should say
that LAW is Iswara. Why do you expect Him to change as
per your interpretation ?

> > Now to the questions:
> >
> > Question 1: Am I right in the above analysis? Does
> > the
> > braHmavid have this sort of control over the
> > material
> > world which is all his maayaa? Can he change (for
> > example) the rules of Physics (which are well
> within
> > maayaa) as we know?
> >

Physics is ISWARA, which we are trying to understand.

> > Question 2: If yes, where and in which scriptures
> is
> > there mention of such powers being gained by the
> > braHmavid?
> >

At least you can find several references in Patanjali
Yoga Sutras (leaving aside Yoga Vs Jnana debate). By
mere will things happen, that is what Yoga Sutras say.

> > Question 3: If not, does it mean that the
> braHmavid,
> > with his braHmavidyaa, has still to bow to maayaa?
> > And
> > hence that we cannot equate the braHmavid to
> braHma?
> > And does that mean a flaw in Advaita?
> >

You are still at a lower level of interpretation. We
must think that 'Brahmavid' means who understands his
own nature to be that ONE, which is beyond time,
place, causation; There is no mAyA 'for him' which is
working as MIND and causing the sorrows and happiness
to others.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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