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Fri Aug 16 11:35:27 CDT 2002

Dear Jagannath,

First of all, I must re-assert that I might be talking
just plain nonsense. I don't even know what kind of
knowledgeable people are reading and replying to these
mails. Kindly weigh my words as those of a seeker
after Truth who is prone to error at every word. For
that is the Truth.

> From your poser it does not seem this is your first
> brush with religion. However you may want it that
> way.

I "want" only The Truth.

> Who are you fooling? Do you disbelieve in the words
> of the Lord? What would you call personalities like
> Sri Shankaracharya, Sri Ramakrishna, Bhagawan Sri
> Ramana?

Perhaps discussing on the above will be equivalent to
discussing on everything I want to discuss.

I have no reason to fool anyone, my friend! I will not
accept the words of the Lord if it does not convince
me, let alone accept unconvincing words of anybody
else about the words of the Lord, be it even those of
Sri Shankara. In thus not-accepting such words I may
be ruining my own life, but so it must be. The veil of
avidyA does not get lifted so fast, does it?

What would I call personalities like Sri
Shankaracharya, Sri Ramakrishna, Bhagawan Sri Ramana?
I call them my teachers. Teachers without whom I would
have remained a baser beast. Teachers whom I worship.

What do you call them? And do you think Sri
Shankaracharya could have run 100m in 2s if he had
wanted? (Please answer both Qs. You may think they're
stupid Qs, but to me they aren't).

Perhaps I should ask it more formally. If I understand
it correctly, Sri Shankaracharya was a braHmavid.
Since this is the first time I am hearing of a
braHmavid having to reach a higher state (sajujya
mukti), I don't know if Sri Shankaracharya had
attained it. But I suspect he had attained it.

> There is no question of the jiva or for that matter
> a brahmavid becoming Krishna.

In saying the above, you leave me in a doubt as to
whether a jIva, having attained sajujya mukti, can
become Krishna. Can (s)he?

If yes, did Sri Shankaracharya "become" Krishna? Or is
it he who in the next avatara, will "become" Krishna
(and therefore get to pass elephants through needles)?

(Again, kindly answer both Qs. They are not stupid Qs
to me).

I want to pass elephants through needles. Is there a

> We look forward to your second coming.

Hey, thanks! Me too!

(By the way, why only the "second"?)

> But for now
> you will have to be
> satisfied with your present status of a seeker.

I believe, firstly, that spiritual satiation is
something only for Lord Krishna (and also for Sri
Shankaracharya if the answer to "Did Sri
Shankaracharya "become" Krishna?" is YES).

Secondly, I believe that material satiation is
something for a sannyasi.

I am neither.

> I hope I have hurt you with my comments,

Worry not, my friend. The only thing that can hurt me
is physical assault. *That* hurts!

Jagannath, I am not trying to get into a fight with
you. I have no reason to do that. Please try to see my
words as those of a seeker after Truth. And forgive me
if I make mistakes.


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