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Dear All,

I have a copy of the Gayatri Shaapa mantra, in
Sanskrit printed in the Kannada Lipi.  My father told
me it was seek remedy from the shaapa of Vashista and
Vishwamitra. It is recited during Sandhyavandana after
Dhyanam but before reciting Gayatri mantra.
Supposedly Gayatri mantra will have no effect/ or less
effect unless this shaapa mantra is said beforehand.
In addition it must be remembered that recitation of
Gayatri mantra is limited male Braahman, Kshatriya,
and Vaisya males and that too only after upanayana.
It is not something that can given wili-nily to
anyone. I have heard the shaapa mantra is there to
deter that those who do not traditionally have
right/responsibility to the Gayatri mantra.

Pranam, Ravi Chandrasekhara MD

Ravi Chandrasekhara MD
--- Ravi <miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> I posted the mantras for gAyatri shaapa vimochanam
> to ambaa-L sometime
> (probably an year) back.  It is found in  devii
> bhaagavatam.  The
> english translation I have does not have details of
> the incidents behind
> these curses and merely makes a mention of it. But
> according to the san
> antonio temple priest, it is there in the original
> text and he has also
> written a detailed article on it in kaNNada, which
> he mentioned he will
> explain when I go there. (But I did not find time to
> do that).
> According to the same priest, you need not say these
> mantras every time you
> do japa. But the book I have recommends it though.
> 4th Pada of gayatri comes in atharva veda and it
> requires a special
> initiation. It is not so much classified these days
> (like many other
> mantras) -- I have seen this in more than one book.
> Hope this information helps.
> On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 13:04:24 -0400, Shrinivas
> Gadkari
> <sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> >Namaste,
> >
> >I have recently discovered some facts about the
> Gayatri mantra
> >and was wondering if list members would have access
> to more
> >information.
> >
> >It seems the standard Gayatri mantra
> >"tat savitur vareNyam
> >bhargo devasya dhImahi
> >dhiyo yonaH prachodayat"
> >is placed under a curse. When we obtain this mantra
> >during the thread ceremony (upanayana) is the curse
> >removed ? Any more information available on this ?
> >
> >Also there is an additional verse of 8 letters
> >making it a 32 lettered Gayatri. Is 32 lettered
> Gayatri
> >for a slect few ?
> >Any more information on the 32 lettered Gayatri
> that is
> >not considered "classified" information ?
> >(Until recently I had not even heard about the 32
> lettered
> >Gayatri).
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Best regards
> >Shrinivas Gadkari

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