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>This concept of multiple Purushas should be treated with care.
>Could the great Patanjali have postulated the existence of
>independent, real, multiple Purushas. According to some legends

The Yogasutra-s themselves do not take any explicit stand on whether there
are multiple Purusha-s or ultimately only one. On the other hand, the
Bhashya on the Yogasutra explicitly bases itself upon Samkhya reasoning and
accepts multiple Purusha-s. In general, when we say "school", we refer to
the entire tradition encoded in not only the corresponding sUtra-s, but also
the respective bhAshya, the vRtti-s, vArtika-s, vivaraNa-s, TIkA-s etc.

>Patanjali was the guru of Gaudapada.

That is one legend among many, and we should not constantly jump between
textual and systematic discussions and legends of one sort or the other. Why
should we ask, "could such-and-such be so?" by referring to some legend,
when we still have the original source texts of each school that we can read
and understand perfectly well?

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