Keeping Shikha [was Re: Sannyasins & cutting of the hair?]

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 10 02:24:15 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

I had to be harsh to point your wrong thinking.

--- Jagannath Chatterjee <jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> --- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram
> <srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> > Hari Om !!
> >
> > What do you call this fallacy !!
> >
> > The above statements are not only EGOTIC, but also
> I am neither Srikrishnaji. These are of course my
> views on the subject. In my childhood days I was
> both
> deeply religious and also an atheist.

What do you call the above statements ??? Are they
words of your EGO or your Atman ??? (if it speaks !!)
Any thing that you say, 'I am this , I am that' is all
your EGO. You were  just explaining, "about a Sanyasi,
thinking of his sanyasihood". similarly, you have your
own impressions of your religioushood, atheisthood
etc. You are not beyond "I am this" views. When this
is strong and not open minded, a stronger word is
EGOTIC, and arrogant.

You can not be religious by thowing away the same
religious tenets. I sympathise, your health related
problems. Probably, it was because of that, that your
parents wanted to make sure you were on a higher
spiritual and religious life and stop  worrying about
'physical problems' only.

> Here was a child who was raring to go the
> spiritual way but had to face obstructions every
> inch
> of the path.

Because you had conflict (where in you were inclined
to spiritualism) you chose not to have a sikha or wear
the Holy thread !!  Does it sound sensible, at least
now ?? Do you need to correct yourself atleast, if you
agree that your childhood actions were wrong and
misplaced ?

> > Consider the otherside of the view, What is wrong
> in
> > having an outward sign if that represents your
> inner
> > conviction ?????
> There is absolutely nothing wrong in that but the
> outward sign must be commensurate with the inner
> conviction. An imbalance may be very dangerous.

Who are you fooling ?? Instead of changing your outer
signs to reflect  your inner spiritual traditions, you
chose to give up hidden Holy Thread to match WHAT ????
It is matching neither your social identification or
inner spiritual urge !!

> >
> > In the process you have hurt your parents, your
> > teachers, and followers and dharma.
> I don't have any followers though many of my friends
> do seek my suggestions (only suggestions mark it).
> My
> parents, my teacher and the dharma were surely hurt.
> But both my parents and teacher were very patient
> with
> me. Moreover my horoscope also indicated a deeply
> religious trend. This was their sole hope.

If you believe you hurt your dharma, you can correct
it now !!

> I still think a thousand times before even hurting a
> fly. My compassionate nature is a boon to my
> friends.

This is your own blown-up image of yourself. Who cares
abouot your compassionate nature ???? The BOON GIVER
is the almighty Lord Narayana !! Do not build up your
false EGO as a 'compassionate soul' and get trapped.
None  in the world is helpless to seek or depend on
your compassion. You are just a tool in His hands.
Feel greatful that you are getting a chance to serve
as His instrument. (I am writing this to chip off your
EGO, which you are failig to understand, use them as a
substitute to rationalise your failings elsewhere ).
Even 'I do not have EGO' itself is a notion. Right ??

> I am especially very much hurt while coming across
> the
> atrocities heaped on the have-nots.

There are several views on this subject. It is not
important now. You need to confine your domain.
Because have-nots are undergoing atrocities, do not
throw away your 'Jandhyam', stop searching the meaning
of Gayatri, and be an important messenger of
'Spirituality' to the people around you ???

> This is the sole
> reason I speak out against the varnashrama.

Speaking against discrimination is not a jsutification
for disowning your varnadharma.

> We
> trample
> upon the very people who were instrumental to our
> progress.

Who is this "WE" ?

"whose" progress ?

Social duties are distinct from your souls progress
oriented activities.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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