Keeping Shikha [was Re: Sannyasins & cutting of the hair?]

Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 9 23:24:41 CDT 2002

Dear Manian,

(This is how I used to address a friend who was also S
V Subhramanian)

My upanayana was postponed by over a year because I
simply refused to cut my hair and sport the sikha.
However I was finally forced to undergo the ritual.

As a protest I refused to wear the sacred thread and I
still don't wear it!

I am personally against all outward signs of religion.

Religion is your own inner conviction I think. However
each is entitled to his views.

Do you know that even a sannyasin has to fight the ego
of "I am a sannyasin" and it seems it is very hard to
get over and is also a big hindrance to realisation.


--- "Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT]"
<sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM> wrote:
> Actually it might be easier in the US than India.
> In India, they know what
> it is and hence make it an object of ridicule.  But
> here it might pass off
> as an exotic hair-do. -:)-:)
> Anyways, your point is well taken.  I have a lot
> more to work on myself -
> that's all I can gather from this.
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> Subject: Keeping Shikha [was Re: Sannyasins &
> cutting of the hair?]
> On Fri, 9 Aug 2002 12:57:24 -0400, Subrahmanian,
> Sundararaman V [IT]
> <sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM> wrote:
> >That's quite brave of you to have a shikha in US.
> Even in India I would
> >have felt embarassed.
> >
> >Good for you!
> >
> >Regards,
> >SVS
> >
> Actually, once you realize that you are right and
> everyone else (who scoffs
> at keeping a Shikha) is wrong, then its no problem
> :-)
> What really inspired me was reading Hindu Dharma.
> Also, the reason we feel
> embarassed (IMO) is that it's either considered
> backward or no one keeps it
> anymore or there may be fear of being teased about
> it. However, when one
> knows the reasons for keeping a Shikha and the goal
> towards which one
> wishes to travel, then the external fear factor
> drops away. Sticking to
> one's dharma, at least as much as possible, is
> always good. But one must
> also be careful that the banana peal is not mistaken
> for the banana fruit
> itself: the effort to be different (by being less or
> more dharmic) always
> has some pride associated with it. One can wear
> angavastra with Ram Ram on
> it and have the filthiest of hearts. I think these
> things one should watch
> out for and I continue to learn from experience.
> namaste
> ashish

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