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Hari Om !!

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> This is the first of a scheduled three-part set on
> the introductory chapter
> in the commentary.
> August 1 2002, Thursday 8:25 PM, Pacific Standard
> Time.
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> .. OM ..
> shriimachChaN^karabhagavatpaadavirachitaM
> shriimadbhagavadgiitaabhaaShyam.h
> OM namo bhagavate vaasudevaaya
> The commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, by Shri
> Shankara Bhagavatpada
> Prostrations to the Lord Vasudeva
> upoddhaataH - Introduction
> naaraayaNaH paro.avyaktaat.h aNDamavyaktasambhavam.h
> .
> aNDasyaantastvime lokaaH saptadviipaa cha medinii ..
> naaraayaNaH paraH avyaktaat.h - Narayana is beyond
> the Unmanifest [1];
> aNDam avyaktasambhavam.h - the Egg [2] issues out of
> the Unmanifest.
> aNDasya antaH tu ime lokaaH - All the worlds are
> contained within the Egg,
> saptadviipaa cha medinii - including the earth, with
> its seven islands.

Can we simply interpret that:

Narayana is beyond prakriti or mAya even in its
unmanifest form (it is our experience that Narayana is
beyond manifest prakriti, anyway). This visible
universe has evolved out of this unmanifest prakriti.
In essence it is conveyed that Narayana, the Self, is
beyond the prakriti.

An additional question:

We worship Narayana following Vishnu Bhagavatam. But,
at the same time the Devi Bhaktas also worship Devi as
'the Self', following Devi Puranas.

If both Devi and Narayana be referred as the 'Self',
then what is the 'prakriti' being worshipped as ??
Where is the concept of mAya as 'paramEsa sakti' and
'not paramesa' coming from and how to support and
interpret it ?

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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  In "SriChakra by S.Shankaranarayanan" - in the chapter Threefold and NineFold Division, the author quotes kAlikA purANa  (correct the spelling if its wrong please). The sentance that is quoted is

    "thriviDHA kuNdalini shakthiHi"

  He has translated this to "triple Kundalini shakthi". Can anyone elaborate on this ? What is this triple Kundalini Shakthi ? Is Kundalini shakthi of three types ?


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