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Hari Om !!

--- vidya jayaram <vidyajayaram at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Shri.Jaldhar has given the right example and
> explanation however the following statements
> confused me  as the first line seemed to be a
> definition of visheshana.
> "UpAdhi means the distinguishing or defining
> lakshaNa (characteristic of a
> thing.) For instance if we are talking about a red
> crystal, redness is
> the upAdhi beause redness is what seperates it from
> a blue crystal, white
> crystal etc. "

It sounded to me that the Original definition of Sri
Jaladhar though clear in explaining the Red color
lakshna of an otherwise clear crystal,, I think red
color can not be called the upadhi of the crystal. The
red color of the flower is the lakshana of the flower,
and when the crystal is near the crystal, (crystal
along with the upadhi of red-flower) seems to have the
lakshana of red color.

So, I believe, it is appropriate to say that the
'flower' is the upadhi or limiting adjunct and not the
red-color as the upadhi. (other lakshana of Jati etc.
may be other Lakshana of that upadhi)

In the context of Atman: the lakshana or body, mind,
intellect get superimposed on the otherwise
guna-rahita Atman; and the Atman becomes a limited

Comments and corrections are welcome.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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