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Shri.Jaldhar has given the right example and explanation however the following statements confused me  as the first line seemed to be a definition of visheshana.
"UpAdhi means the distinguishing or defining lakshaNa (characteristic of a
thing.) For instance if we are talking about a red crystal, redness is
the upAdhi beause redness is what seperates it from a blue crystal, white
crystal etc. "
This is especially in light of the usage of the two terms and the explanations given in the vedanta paribhasha as to their differences.

What exactly does dharmarAja adhvarIndra say about the mind and the witnesses - jIvasAkshin and IsvarasAkshin ? Could someone explain the portion beginning with "taccha pratyaksham punardvividham etc"?

This is my understanding of upadhi in the brahman context.kindly correct me if it is wrong:
Upaadhi is defined  as--upa   samiipe aadadhaati   sviiyam   dharmam�that   which   gives   its quality   to   an object   near it. A   red   flower   which   makes   a   transparent   crystal   near   it look   red   is  an   upaadhi.   The   superimposition   of   the red   colour   on   the crystal   is   a   superimposition   with  upaadhi   and   it   is   known   as �sopaadhika   adhyaasa�. In   the   superimposition   of   the snake   on   the   rope,   the substratum is considered   to   be   the   rope.   But   the rope   itself   is   not real,   and is a superimposition   on   Brahman   or Consciousness.

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