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>In the article referred above, it reads, 'the foster
>father' of Satyavathi refused to give her in marriage
>to Santanu unless her progeny get the kingdom.
>My question is why is the word 'foster father' used
>instead of 'father'. Was she not his daughter ???

Aniruddhan gave part of the answer to this question. According to the first
book in the Mahabharata, the Adiparvan, Satyavati was the daughter of a king
of Cedi, called Uparicara. She was born along with a brother, in a fish, who
was actually an Apsaras. The fisherman king, who found both the children
when he cut open the fish, gave the boy to the king of Cedi and kept the
girl as his own foster-daughter.

As for the other issue, comparing Krishna to the Atman and the five Pandavas
to the senses, the idea is not to suggest that the Atman is a doer of
actions. The idea is only that the senses cannot function in the absence of
the indwelling Jivatman. Also, the senses are to be brought under the
control of one's own self, just as the Pandavas fight their war under the
advice and guidance of Krishna.

The Jivatman itself may be described as the reflection of the Atman in the
intellect (buddhi), which is one aspect of the internal organ (antaHkaraNa)
or what is usually called mind. Similarly, Krishna is the Parabrahman,
incarnated into a particular body at a particular time and place.


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Vidya Jayaram Wrote:

>A limiting adjunct while being a differentiating property actually >present in the thing of which it is the adjunct and does Not co->exist with which it is predicated.

Can you kindly explain how to apply this to upAdhi as referred in vivEkachUdamaNi and How to apply this to Atman - brahman ?


>Whereas 'upAdhi' means limiting adjunct..ex the statement the ether enclosed by the auditory passage is the ear' - the auditory passage is present and differentiates the ether enclosed by it from the remaining ether.The main difference is that it is not connected with the characteristics of the ear like( hearing) as such and predicated only the ether.

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