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Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Aug 3 00:26:11 CDT 2002

 Dear Vyasji,


 I think this is turning out to be a slinging match
 which I do not like. It also goes against the
 objective of the list. I am here to know about
 advaita as taught by Sri Shankaracharya and not to
propagate the views of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda.

 To sum up my views on the issue I think Ashis has a
 point when he says Vivekanandas objective was to
 reform people and not Hinduism per se. But both are

 Another thing is that the Ramakrishna Mission never
 is and never will be a political organisation (in any
 form). It is well known that a personage like Sister
 Nivedita was delisted because she had political

 The Ramakrishna Mission never claims to be modern.
 There mission is to make the common mass realise God
 without having to deal with the social garbage of
 various groups. They are against dogmatism and
 sectarianism of any kind. This is why they do not
 declare themselves as Ramakrishnaites.

 Yes, Ekam sad.. means that the nirguna Brahman alone
 is true. The difference is only in approach. The aim
 is the same. All rivers, whatever paths they may
 follow, will empty into the ocean. This is also
 stated in the Bhagavad Gita.

 I too am a brahmin and have no skeletons in my
 cupboard. But I am totally against the
 "touch-me-not" policy followed, yes, even in the
South. Religion was converted by the brahmins into the
"religion of the kitchen". Eat this and don't eat
that. The rituals only mattered. The privilleges given
to the brahmins in the days of yore went to their head
and they sought to propagate the same system.
Definitely not everybrahmin was the same but the
influential ones certainly were.

 If the world can follow the philosophy of Deepak
Chopra, I won't blame the Roshan kid if he decides
 to branch out on his own!

 Yours sincerely


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