Are GODs just symbolic ???

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Fri Aug 2 18:58:39 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

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Subject:      Re: Are GODs just symbolic ???


moving from saguna to nirguna is not a denial of God but a fuller
understanding.  To achieve that understanding doesn't require giving up
the prior one only understanding its' proper place.  See
for a quote from Shankaracharya on the place of the worship of God who is
explicitly called Narayana and equated with the highest self.

In the above referred article it is mentioned:

""Concerning this system we wish to remark that we do not intend to
controvert the doctrine that Narayana, who is higher than the avyakta
(pradhana or the prakriti of Samkhya in its unmanifest state) who is
the highest Self and the Self of all, reveals Himself by dividing Himself
in multiple ways;"


Would you/someone elaborate the statement, 'Narayana is higher than the
avyakta, and who is the highest Self'.

I can understand Narayana as the 'Self' of all; but what is this 'higher
than avyakta' ?

Om Namo Narayanaya !


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