Pravritti vs nivritti

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Learning giitaa, praying, performing rituals is ok, but in the final
analysis is it not the purity of the mind that is important?  When I find
that there is "SO MUCH" dirt in the mind and "SO MANY" habitual errors in
me, it is very discouraging.  I just don't think I can make it this time

May be the problem is the lack of correspondence between study and practice.

Finding it very difficult many times.  Sometimes I do feel like giving up.


PS:  Thank you for your words.  Signing off for the week(end).

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I believe I am aiming for some
things that are way out of my reach, right at this
moment, but certainly through constant persevering
attempts and devotion, the Lord will give me
conditions quite conducive to my spiritual growth.

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