"Jagat satya!"

Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 2 02:40:40 CDT 2002

Dear Vidyasankarji,


I am fully in agreement with you.Regarding the
emphasis on the harmony of religions we have to see it
from a global angle conforming to the views of Sw.
Vivekananda. Today there is consternation among the
Churches (Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical et al)
regarding the rush of Christians to Hinduism. They are
also worried about Islam after 9/11. At this point we
require the experiences of a saint who has practised
all the three religions and extracted the subtle
truths. This does not go against the concepts of
Hinduism which is actually the Sanatana Dharma. If in
the process there can come about a reconciliation
among the big three (I share your scepticism in this
regard), well and good.



Vidyashankarji wrote :
> That is fine, but what has happened in the century
> after Vivekananda is that
> most of the other religions, which we think of being
> inherently true, do not
> reciprocate. Indeed, they resent being told that
> their claim to exclusivity
> is an illusion. And socially, there is an increase
> of an us-versus-them
> attitude. So, what is the point of reiterating this
> over and over again? It
> is perhaps time to just stick with the inherent
> truth of our own religion,
> rather than bother about that of other religions and
> sects.

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