Translation Series - Gita Bhashya - Preface

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That was exactly what I heard too. Regards.

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> > 2) Who is the author of this verse? Especially the term
> > "advaitaamR^itavarshhiNiim" seems to link to someone in our tradition.
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> > Thank you for restarting this series.
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> > Ravi
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> I learned somewhere that the author is Shree Madhusuudana Saraswati who is
> a great disciple of
> Krishna.
> Hari OM!
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  I recently saw and bought three copies of Grantha Lipi - An Introduction , a book for those who want to learn grantham. Its a small book costing Rs.5 of 48 pages. I bought it in Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple (shop opposite to vanni maraththadi vinAyagar temple).

 I'm giving the information about the publishers for all who are interested. They've a website also which has information about this book. Though, this is grantha through Tamil book, it has devanagiri script also along with tamil script. So, I feel anyone can read and understand that (You get a chance to learn Tamil also :-) )

 Contact information of publisher:

  Plot N T-7, First Cross,
  46th Street, Nanganallur,
  Chennai - 600 061. Tamil Nadu.
  Phone - 2321616 , 2348445
  email - sridarr at


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