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>  As an aside to the original topic, a related question I have is whether
> the cycle of yugAs is "satya - treta - dwApara - kali - satya - treta ..."
> or satya - treta - dwaapara - kali - kali - dwaapara - treta - satya ..."
> - The ISKCON school as well as followers of YogAnanda Paramahamsa believe
> it is the latter and not the former, where there is not a step function in
> dharma but a sort of sine wave of gradual up and down. Given that time is
> indeed continuous, I am personally inclined to believe the latter argument
> as well.

According to Bhagavata Purana 12th skandha chapter 2, at the end of the
Kaliyuga, Vishnu Bhagawan will incarnate as Kalki and usher in a new
Satyayuga.  I don't know of any shastraic support for the other view.

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