Where do they belong?

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Wed Sep 26 23:07:54 CDT 2001

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, K Anand wrote:

> Dear Members
> In this context I would like to bring to your notice that the fault lies not
> with the moslems but with their theology. The theology of Islam is based on
> Iconoclasm, division of men into believers and non believers, idea that all
> riches belong to the believers and concept of jehad on non-believers.

NO!  This a trap we absolutely must not fall into.  For one thing, as was
earlier pointed out we have concepts such as holy war too.  For another,
the majority of Muslims -- even fundamentalist ones -- do manage to live
in peace with their neighbors.  When we start looking over our shoulders
at what other people are doing instead of examining how well we are
following our own beliefs, we risk becoming chauvinists no better than
those we look down upon. .  Ravi is right, let us concentrate on
understanding ourselves and our doctrines first.

> For more details you may read the varoius books published by Voice of India.
> Thier website is www.voi.org.
> Especially a book in Two volumes - Hindu Temples - What happened to them -
> is noteworthy and covers topics on Islamic thelogy.

If you have spare time to read, spend it on reading shastras or the
teachings of our sadgurus instead of items of dubious value like these.

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