Where do they belong?

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  I agree with you.. But I was coming from a more Universal
perspective.. Even in the eg., that we have in your reply,
Kumbakarna might go to his asura guru to consult.. That
doesn't help in this context much, I think.
  In the modern context, the parties fighting are claiming
that they have reasons in their scriptures to do that. How
do you justify one over the other? Best thing is to mind
one's own business and not bother about others :) But I feel
the problem really doesn't stop there. It engulfs everyone
like it did..


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Why go to these?  We have situations in RamayaNa and Mahabharata.

Compare Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana - who is dharmic?
Compare Vidura and Drona/Bhishma - who is dharmic?

Moral dilemma has been there right from age old times.  Each one has to
it with the help of a Guru and study of scriptures.


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