When one's life is in danger

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AUM shivAbhyannamaH

In what guise death knocks one's door is a great unknown. For instance,
one can slip into coma or get alzheimer etc. Off the top of my head, I
can recollect three nice verses from shrI subrahmaNya bhujangam of
bhagavan shrI shankara addressing this issue very nicely.  A similar
theme runs in other works as well.

The key is to cultivate the spirit of surrender to God and let one's
thought flow towards God always as mentioned in verses of
shivAnandalaharI. This comes with practice.


Quotes from subrahmaNya bhujangam

 Prayer for Darshan During the Last Moments of Life

prashaantendriye nashhTasa.nGYe vicheshhTe
 kaphodgaarivaktre bhayotkampigaatre |
prayaaNonmukhe mayyanaathe tadaaniiM
 drutaM me dayaalo bhavaagre guha tvam.h || 20||

  Hail Guha, Dayalo. During the last moments of my life, when
I will have lost control of senses, when I will have lost
when I will be unable move my limbs, when I will be emitting foam of
phlegm, when my body will be trembling with fear of death, when I will
have none to protect me, Thou must hasten to give me Darshan then.

Prayer to Give Darshan During Death Pangs

kR^itaantasya duuteshhu chaNDeshhu kopaa\-
 ddaha chchhinddhi bhinddhiiti maaM tarjayatsu |
mayuuraM samaaruhya maa bhairiti tvaM
 puraH shaktipaaNirmamaayaahi shiighram.h || 21||

Oh! Lord, when ferocious messengers of Death-God come to torture me
angrily shouting, ``Burn him, Kill him''
Oh! Lord Thou must hasten to appear before me, riding on Peacock,
carrying Shaktivel, to encourage me not to be afraid.

Prayer for Protection During Last Moments

praNamyaasakR^itpaadayoste patitvaa
 prasaadya prabho praarthaye.anekavaaram.h |
na vaktuM kshamo.ahaM tadaaniiM kR^ipaabdhe
 na kaaryaantakaale manaagapyupekshaa || 22||

Oh Merciful Lord!  I am prostating to Thy feet often to
secure Thy blessings. Oh treasure house of mercy! I offer prayers to
please Thee. Thou should not be indifferent towards me during my last
moments.  At that time I may not have the control and energy to pray
to Thee!

--- Anand Hudli <anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Once when I was in a potentially dangerous situation, almost
> involuntarily,
> I started muttering the famous rAmarakShA stotra which contains the
> names of shrI-rAma. Later, upon analyzing my reaction, I felt it made
> perfect sense.
> The gItA says that whatever one thinks of at the time of death, that
> alone
> is attained after death. (yaM yaM vApi smaranbhAvaM tyajatyante
> kalevaram.h| taM tamaiveti  kaunteya sadA tadbhAvabhAvitaH||) So the
> bhagavAn says that one who dies remembering Him verily attains Him
> alone.
> This seems to be the basis for the practice of remembering God
> in a difficult situation. Of course, if one is lucky or by the grace
> of God, one is saved from death, then it is well and good. But even
> if one is not lucky and does die, the attainment of God is certain.
> Anand

ambaaL daasan


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