When one's life is in danger

Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 25 08:19:28 CDT 2001

Once when I was in a potentially dangerous situation, almost involuntarily,
I started muttering the famous rAmarakShA stotra which contains the
names of shrI-rAma. Later, upon analyzing my reaction, I felt it made
perfect sense.

The gItA says that whatever one thinks of at the time of death, that alone
is attained after death. (yaM yaM vApi smaranbhAvaM tyajatyante
kalevaram.h| taM tamaiveti  kaunteya sadA tadbhAvabhAvitaH||) So the
bhagavAn says that one who dies remembering Him verily attains Him

This seems to be the basis for the practice of remembering God
in a difficult situation. Of course, if one is lucky or by the grace
of God, one is saved from death, then it is well and good. But even
if one is not lucky and does die, the attainment of God is certain.


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