What is rightful for the US?

Chandrashekaran Venkataraman VCHANDRA at AMBERNETWORKS.COM
Fri Sep 14 13:37:29 CDT 2001

Dear members,
   This morning I was watching on TV the prayer session conducted in
the National Cathedral, DC attended by all politicians incl. President.
Christian, Muslim and Jewish holy men presented sermons and prayer words.
It was good to hear all that. The Christian holy man prayed for "clear
thinking for the men taking high level decisions at this juncture" and
also prayed to "protect them from acting out of blind vengeance and random
aggression". This is God's words in my opinion. It's very easy to get
and overly provoked and act out of wrath and personal pressure at these
times. This sermon has come in a timely fashion to instil some wisdom and
clear thinking into the men at the helm.
   I have a dilemma here... If we were to follow ahimsa dharma we shouldn't
harm our enemy and put them to grieve willingly. But as a government given
the duty of protecting its hundreds of millions of people, it needs to
defend its nation and only way is aggression against enemy which will
lead to killing of many innocent lives besides achieving its purpose. Does
gita support the latter part? What do you all think about this moment of


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