New member introduction: Anil Kumar Dosapati

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Fri Sep 14 08:56:41 CDT 2001

Dear Sirs

My name is Anil Kumar Dosapati and i am working as a
finance executive in Mumbai. I was introduced to this
site by a collegue in the office who is senior to me
in my office. I am very much interested in
philosophical issues. I think, it is lack of awareness
about hindu dharma among our people that is leading
people to misery and all sorts of problems. The
efforts on your behalf to spread this sort of
awareness among the masses like us is very praise
worthy. I have not read any religious books on dharma
except Geeta. Because they are not available or if
they are available, the language is pretty difficult
to understand for a layman like me. The most crucial
point is even if I understand some points, following
them in real life is very difficult. In this regard i
would like to mention that Atma Bodha slokas which you
have sent on your mailing list gave me some sort of
leads by which i can practice really difficult issues
in real life. I request you to kindly list me in
mailing list, so that i can get more knowledge from
your efforts.

With regards

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