Regarding the tragedy in the USA

Stig Lundgren slu at CHELLO.SE
Tue Sep 11 20:08:56 CDT 2001

Dear listmembers,

As far as I understand, many of the members of this list are
living in the United States and in the New York-, Washington-,
and Pennsylvania areas. I really couldn´t believe my ears when I
first heard about the major tragedy in USA. This is an
unbelievable scenario, and I have never ever before been so
terrifyed by any broadcasted news.
   I really hope that all members of this list - as well as your
relatives and friends - have survived the horrible events in USA
today. I really hope that all of you are still in good health. I
can only imagine what a shock this must be to the people living
in the USA.

God bless you all

Warm regards
Stig Lundgren
(Stockholm, Sweden)

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