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Ravishankar Venkatraman sunlike at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 6 10:53:20 CDT 2001

Bhadriah wrote:
>There is an opinion that when a descendent becomes a brahma jnani the
>descendent's pitrs automatically obtain liberation or the required lokas
>no further shraddhas are needed. So Sankara's mother had already obtained
>what needs to be obtained when Sankara got brahma jnanam. In a way
>Sankaracharya's action is redundant from this angle.

It is said that when someone gets initiated into sanyasa ashrama, 21
generations of his paternal and maternal ancestors (pitrus) are sent to
Brahmaloka. It is equivalent to saying following a karma for becoming a
sanyasi (like tonsure, kaashaaya vastram, kamandalam and dhandam). I do not
know whether this is true about a brahma jnani who is not initiated into
sanyasa. Maybe you are right because because a brahmajnani is a sanyasi
anyway, irrrespective of what he wears or follows.


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