Sivaachaaryas and Shankara's date

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On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, vidya S Jayaraman wrote:

> 2.His references in the Brahma Sutra bhashya points
> only to the pAsupatas and he ascended the sarvajna
> peetam  kashmir.But Why no mention about Kashmiri
> Saivism ?

Possibly because it was Advaitic?  (Although not Vedantic.)
The silence is curious indeed.  Sureshwaracharya did criticize it in his

In the digvijayas a story is mentioned about how Abhinavagupta the famous
Kashmiri Shaiva put a curse on Shankaracharya.  Padmapadacharya turned the
curse back onto him and he died.

> His criticisms are aimed at the dualist pastoralist
> sects and there is no mention about the monist
> pastoralism of Lakulisa and the triadist siddhanta as
> it was evolved during the times of Sambandhar and
> Appar.

I don't quite understand what exactly you mean by "pastoralist" here.  Can
you clarify?  As to the choice of targets, perhaps (I'm only guessing
here) the only alternatives to one are zero and more than one.  Once
you've disposed of the idea of two principles, three, four, five...
require no further comment.

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