Nine names of Durga Mata

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On Sun, 28 Oct 2001, Anand Hudli wrote:

> After a ChanDI homa during this navarAtrI, I was left wondering what
> the name of devI's lion could be. The lion, as a vehicle of the devI,
> is mentioned several times in the devI mAhAtmya but not by any particular
> name. Just as ViShNu has GaruDa, and Shiva has nandI, pray tell us
> what the name of the divine lion of the devI is.
> Anand

List member Sreelalitha  Rupanagudi would like to pass on the following

> namaste, Thanks for offering to post the message on my behalf. This is
> the first time I am trying to post something on this list, I have just
> been a shrotrI till now.
> In raghuvaMshaM, kAlidAsa narrates an incident where the king dilIpa
> is subjected to a test by the divine cow, nandinI. A lion pounces on
> nandinI, announcing himself thus :
> avehi mAM ki~NkaramaShTamUrteH
> kumbhodaraM nAma nikumbhamitraM ||
> From this I gathered that nikumbha was the name of the Goddess's lion.
> However, I am not sure. I have come across this information only in
> the raghuvaMsham's vyAkhyAnas. It is certainly not there in the devI
> mAhAtmyaM.
> Sreelalitha.

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