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Wed Oct 24 12:32:40 CDT 2001

Some scholars opine that Sivacharyas were settlers
from North India and Rajendra I who conquered Western
Bengal and North India.
V.S.Pathak Says in his Book,"Saivism in Early
mediaeval India as known from archaeological sources :
Rajendra Chola saw the best of the Saivas in Northern
India when he came to take a bath in the Ganges and
carried them to settle in his own country in Kanchi
and elsewhere in the chola land."

Jnanasambandhar is said to have been a brhamin from
the Kaundinya gotra.
Again Tirumular is said to come from the North and he
was said to an associate of Agastya.He is conversant
with the teachings of Kashmiri Saivism.

It would be interesting if someone posts some info abt
ArulNandi ,Umapati sivam and meikandar who were the

Could the acharya be  referring to those people who
settled in the South,interacted with the locals like
the vellalars here and indigenised Shaivism which
acquired a more devotional touch in the later period?


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