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Ganesh R

  Well, from one standpoint, god did not create the world at all. As an
established adhvaithin would tell us, all there is Brahman. People, dharma,
animals are all its reflections.

   From another standpoint, Avidya, the ignorance leading to this
multifarious perception is held to be Anaadi, beginingless. So, the root
cause of this ignorance has ever been there. Inside this ignorance, matter
has grown and evolved to incorporate the consciousness principle. And the
evolved man has analysed consciousness to give us vedanta. The multitudes of
creation have been created by man's prarabhda and intellect. According to
his vasanas, man ends up with different gunas, leading to the classification
as deva and asura. Dharma is a path laid down by ancients for man to exhaust
his previous karma and vasanas while ensuring the proper running of the

   The concept of cycles springs from the concept of time, which is but only
an illusion. Sri Sankara refers in his Dakshinamurthi Stotra to the lord who
created astonishing variety from pure non-differentiation, and that by the
maya-induced conception of space and time. Isn't that remarkably written for
two millenia ago!


> Shree gurubhyo namaH |
> Thanks to all for clarifying my question on Karma.
> Why did Bhagawan create this world ? Why did He choose to create varieties
> of living organisms over millions of years ?Why did he decide to have
> Devas, Asuras, Manushyas, Dharma, Adharma , pancha Bhoothaas,cycles of
> Yugas, His ten avathaars ? Why did he create the concepts of good bad,
> thrigunas, and every single thing that exists today ?  Why did he decide
> keep one organism to be Manushya with ability to think and rationalize
> to ultimately know Him and get back to Him ? Why didnt he opt to let a
> Jeevathma not take up any jenma at all ?  Why shouldnt He have not opted
> continue being Him without doing all these that too in cycles ?
> Shree gurubhyo namaH |
> Prasad

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