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ken knight hilken_98 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Oct 18 03:23:49 CDT 2001

Dear Ravi,
You said
> I do not know whether people get offended when they
> are told that they are
> not eligible to do certain things.
No problem with being 'offended' as this is not one of
my hang-ups in life. Jaldhar had made a point which
was very good and pertinent for me. For the last few
weeks I have been giving talks to a local Indian
community near my home on Vedas and Vedanta. Some may
find that strange but that was what I was asked to do.
 As these people now live in England and they are a
mix of castes from birth, including Brahmins, then
this discussion has been very useful to pass on to
> required knowledge
> from books like Bhagavad
> Gita and Yoga Vaasishtam. But, still you need a guru
> like Ramana Maharishi
> or Paramahansa Yogananda(who were realized souls
> themselves), who accept
> anyone sincere in pursuits.
Books are of use but my personal view is that we, in
the West in particular, have become infatuated with
the written word...hence contracts rather than a
verbal promise. I use books of course but the oral
tradition is more efficient and in that I would
include diksha through sight and touch.  I do not want
to get into long personal history on this point, on
this site as it may not be relevant, but it is through
the grace of guru, through sight, that Ken, whoever he
is, has been brought to this point in time. I will
happily say more off the discussion group if it is of
value: use ken.knight at
> Good Luck to you.
> My 2c worth. Please do not mistake for any negative
> overtures.
Thank you for yoor 2c; they are worth many dollars in
the spiritual exchange rate.
Om sri ram

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