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Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 17 03:05:25 CDT 2001


Let us analyze this issue pragmatically:

Imagine a Vedic era, possibly of future.

Why would the society need a Brahmana class ?
So that this class of people may devote themselves to
full-time research in Vedic sciences and arts. Society
will support this class, and in turn Brahmans will help
society prosper by :
1. Training the students in different skills that sustain
the society.
2. Continually evolve and refine Vedic tecniques to tackle
various issues pertaining to life. For example: devise
powerful and effective yagnas, develop and refine Vedic
medicine, develop and refine the science of defence and
martial arts, develop and refine the art of music .....

This R&D effort of the Brahmana Class will be the most
valuable assest of the society.

Suppose, a person of lower brith, knows and understands the
Veda. And can contribute to the soceity by applying his/her
understanding of the Vedas to develop and refine applications.
Will society sponser this person for a full time R&D effort.
Ofcourse it will, society is after all results driven.

So, birth issue becomes irrelevant AFTER a person has
acquired the knowledge of Vedas.

So the only place where birth issue may be of concern is
in FINDING a teacher who is willing to impart the secrets
of the Vedas to a seeker of lower birth.

I would say, each teacher will be different in this matter.
One who possesses Knowledge also has the reponsibilty to choose
students wisely. If a student irrespective of birth convinces
a teacher of his/her capabilty, after that birth cannot
remain an issue.

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